Sofia Mouta

Sofia Mouta

WHEEL SISTERS: Please introduce yourself:

SofiaI'm Sofia Mouta and I live at Vila do Conde (Portugal) . I'm a driver and a codriver here in Portugal. I had participated in several hillclimb championships as a driver (2010-2018) and some rallys also. As a codriver my career begun in 2007 till now.

Sofia Mouta

WHEEL SISTERS: How did you get introduced to motorsport?

Sofia: My parents were one of the firsts timekeepers team in Portugal and I also followed their steps.I was a timekeeper and also a marshal. Then, in 2007 I received an invitation to begin as a codriver with a friend. Since then I have participated in more than 100 rallys with several drivers. My journey it's like most of the codrivers, I started in regional championship an two years later I become regional champion and the first female woman winning a title as a codriver here. Then I moved to the national cup for a few years and then to the national championship. In 2022 I also had a new challenge that was bajas with a SSV car. 

WHEEL SISTERS: What has had the biggest impact on improving your racing skills?

Sofia: Combine codriving and driving cars gave me a lot off skills as a driver and also as codriver because I can understand both sides and what the drivers needs.

WHEEL SISTERS: What was the most impressive moment of your career so far?

Sofia: The most impressive moment was run in the same event with the wrc drivers and idols when I took part in the WRC Rally of Portugal. It was amazing.

Sofia Mouta

WHEEL SISTERS: What does motorsport give you personally?

Sofia: Apart from the friendship, it also gave me some skills like confidence, perseverance, and multitasking that I use in my daily life.

WHEEL SISTERS: What is important for girls who wants to get into motorsport? 

Sofia: For the girls that want to begin in the motorsports as a driver, codriver, marshal etc, never ever quit your dream. We have the same skills or more than a man as. We have a lot of capacities very important for some of the missions in motorsport. 

Sofia Mouta

WHEEL SISTERS: What are your sporting goals in the upcoming months or years?

Sofia: For 2023 I want to come back to the hillclimb championship and I will take a part in the national rally championship as a codriver in the Rally 3 category.

And also some bajas with the SSV car.

WHEEL SISTERS: What else do you want to tell us?

Sofia: I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you on this project here in Portugal.


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