Keira Harris

Keira Harris

Please introduce yourself and tell us your career path so far.

Hello my name is Keira Harris and I live in Oakham, Rutland (UK). I participate in national level karting and MSUK. My dad introduced me to motorsport by taking me to a F1 grand pix in 2014 to Malaysia and I fell in love with it instantly. I would like to go into single seater racing in the future and either be in W series, formula E or Formula 1.

Keira Harris

What has had the biggest impact on improving your racing skills?

Seat time has helped me improve my skills.

Keira Harris

What was the most impressive moment of your career so far?

2x champion club racing in two different classes.

What does motorsport give you personally? What aspects of it do you love the most?

Motorsport gives me happiness, excitement, and a lot of adrenaline. I love the speed and the adrenaline. I love to understand that this sport is not just for boys. You don’t just have to be the best driver out there – you can just focus on being the best girl on track.

Keira Harris

What is important for girls who wants to get into motorsport?

My tip for beginners is, that give yourself time to adapt to the kart and don’t be disappointed if you don’t get the results you want. Keep your head up and keep pushing. The results will eventually come.

What are your sporting goals in the upcoming months or years?

My goals are trying to transition from karts to cars by doing a year of testing and training before start racing in 2024.

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