Adrianna Timmerman

Adrianna Timmerman

Meet Adrianna Timmerman, a young talented Outlaw kart driver from Iowa.

 Adrianna Timmerman

WHEEL SISTERS: Please introduce yourself.

Hello! I’m Adrianna Timmerman. I’m 17 years old, from the small town of Wapello, Iowa, USA! I’ve been racing for 5 years, and been around racing since i was only 6 months old!


WHEEL SISTERS: How were you introduced to motorsport?

I was introduced to the sport by my family. At 6 months old, my dad was racing, so i spent every weekend at the racetrack as a child!


Adrianna Timmerman

WHEEL SISTERS: Can you please describe your motorsport milestones so far?

I have around 46 wins in total in my career! I have raced in 8 different classes, my most recent being a national level midget sprint! I’ve traveled all over the USA to race! I am now a part of podcasts, abd gtowing my following the more i go! I was featured on the cover of the IWMA magazine!

Adrianna Timmerman

WHEEL SISTERS: What has had the biggest impact on improving your racing skills?

Listening to other drivers. Getting another drivers perspective on the track will help you improve performance every single time. Especially if you’re traveling and haven’t raced the track previously!


WHEEL SISTERS: What was the most impressive moment of your career so far?

One time we travelled to Oklahoma, then on the way back we found out about a race that was happening only an hour away. We knew we wouldn’t make it back in time for hot laps or qualifying, so we called the track ahead of time and asked if i could just run the feature. We did just that, we arrived at the end of the heat races, then i strapped in, went out for the feature and won on the fourth of july!


WHEEL SISTERS: What does motorsport give you personally?

Adrenaline and it has brought so many new friends and connections with the world! An amazing way to get yourself out there! WHEEL SISTERS: Wat does a normal working week look like for you? Performing shop maintenance on the car, just double checking every bolt, and making videos and posts for my social media platform!


WHEEL SISTERS: What is important for girls who wants to get into motorsport?

To be a female in this industry, You have got to be strong. Learning how to take hate is something i was not experienced with before getting into racing, but something my father once told me “Haters are your motivators.” Which i’ve used since starting this sport. Use every ounce of hate you get, and put it into your driving.

 Adrianna Timmerman

WHEEL SISTERS: Have you experienced any sexism during races and, if so, how did you deal with it?

I wouldn’t say i’ve experienced sexism, honestly, guys are pretty cool with it. Every racers mind is focused on winning and running the car. The person beside us is just another person with a helmet on trying to achieve their goal.


WHEEL SISTERS: What are your sporting goals in the upcoming months or years?

As of right now, i have a couple of announcements that i can’t announce quite yet.. but we will not be in karts as often anymore! My goals are to win as much as i can, and help as many people as i can with getting involved with this sport that has saved us all!

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